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View the list of volunteer positions and decide where you would like to help. To sign up as a volunteer complete the form below and click Submit. If you would like to register a group of 5 or more volunteers, email Tanisha Shorter at info@aamab.org

Volunteer Opportunities

Tournament Volunteers

Tournament volunteers consist of:

Tournament Moderator
Moderator will be responsible for introducing the tournament, reading the categories at the start of each round and reading the questions.

Tournament Judge
Judge will be responsible for adjudicating protests, tracking time and keeping score

Tournament Score Runner/Proctor
Score Runner/Proctor will be responsible for monitoring the room, tracking each round, and making sure the scores from each round are submitted to the Tournament’s scorekeeper an will assist with ensuring teams are in assigned rooms

Tournament Computer Operator
Computer Operator will be responsible for running competition software during tournament rounds.

Logistics Volunteers

Logistic volunteers consist of:

Entrance Greeters
Will welcome guest and assist with flow of event.

Opening Session Guides
Will assist with crowd control during session.

Exit Room
Will assist participants filling out surveys, hand out promotional items and final procedures for teams.

Room Transition Coordinators
Will escort teams to appropriate room and ensure competition rounds are starting and ending on time.

Will register teams and sponsors(if applicable). Hand out information pertaining to event.

Lunch Crew
Will assist with crowd control, help participants and coaches with lunches, assist with the flow of lunch lines and possibly distribute lunches.

Volunteer Sign-Up

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Please note: Although you are choosing an area of interest to volunteer, your choice may change according to the needs of the event.